Does anyone else get PMS symptoms exactly 2 weeks before their period starts? It’s so crazy to me that I get all of the symptoms (including the bad cramps) and I still have like 10 days until my actual period is supposed to come.

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  • Paincess


    Yes, by the end (laparoscopy), it was so bad I thought it was my actual period and then I’d get surprised with my real one two weeks later. They’ve now told me that is an indication of an Endometrioma. I just had a 9cm and a 6cm one removed from each ovary. The reason is that when you ovulate, the Endometrioma flares from attempted egg release and causes period symptoms and leaks blood.

  • LivMalavazos


    Yes! Before my excision surgery I was having symptoms about 25 days out of each month, with usually about 5 days in a row of feeling good. You aren’t alone ❤️ are you planning to have a surgery anytime soon?

  • Sunshine24


    Yes I get PMS symptoms 2 weeks before , ovulation pain a week before and the initial cycle pain or discomfort itself. It’s like a 3 week cycle of pain everytime.😞

  • 1lovemyheatingp8d


    @LivMalavazos I’ve already had 1 excision surgery but a year ago. My doctor said It looks like endo grew back already based on my symptoms and my ultrasound. He’s hesitant to do another surgery since it just turned a year since I’ve had my last one & im not a big fan of birth control so I’ve just been trying to push through until my next surgery 😭

  • VeeN89


    My pms symptoms are terrible too. 😥 I usually cannot eat or live without a heating pad

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