does anyone know if like, holding onto things is an anciety/autism thing? for example, o was just at a volleyball game and while I was playing I hit the ball but it didn't go over and I still feel guilty after the game. that happens alot for me so I was wondering if that happens to others.

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  • MissWilwarin


    That’s a symptom that affects a lot of people with a lot of different issues. So you’re definitely not alone in holding onto things.

  • AsterWest


    you might have rsd

  • royalty


    I think that's an OCD thing. It's part of a subcategory called "real event OCD" where you obsess (constantly think about) past actions, especially ones that make you feel guilt, shame, or embarrassment. There's also been a study that 7% of autistic people will later be diagnosed with OCD. Definitely look into it, there's an app called NOCD which is completely free and has lisenced OCD specialists you can talk to.

    • spoonkingg


      not OP but I’ve seen NOCD around. Had no idea it was free. Thanks for sharing!

  • CirceAtaraxia


    You could need a comfort item Im autistic and often feel that way

    • khazii


      yeah I have two comfort items but I didn't have either of them with me bc they are both stuffed animals

  • Louva_bug


    Rejection sensitivity and being hypercritical can be a huge part of nuerodivergence and anxiety. It has been a life long struggle for me but it does get better when you practice being kind and patient with yourself in those moments. You tried your best, that’s all that matters. You’re only human and you’ll make plenty of mistakes but that does not define your worth!

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