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Hello, I just downloaded this app today... my S.O doesn't get it and I feel like I'm repetitive to my family and I don't want them to worry. I am hoping to get some real-life help from someone who has gone through it and what they are currently doing. I was just recently diagnosed with OCD, but I've had an idea for a while now it just took me a very long long time to trust someone. I was always so worried they would inpatient me or take my child away. I still worry about those things but I start seeing a therapist in August and I'm hoping that helps. I worry constantly, especially about my child's safety, I have these thoughts that if I do this then this will happen, or you have to do this or he will die, or your sister will get in horrible car accident and etc. I was also wondering because I haven't had the chance to talk to my therapist yet, I do this what I call weird thing where I trace things with my finger or tongue over and over again. I also count how many holes someone has in there clothing over and over, does anyone else do this??

    • Ladoo


      The tracing and counting could be compulsions. If you know you do these things to prevent something, it's compulsions or ritualistic behaviors. I don't want to assume what subtype of OCD you have, so I recommend going on the NOCD website and reading about them, if you haven't already.

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