I start emdr on Monday, what should I expect?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • unicorn


    Following. I’m really interested in looking into EMDR. I just haven’t found someone who’s trained in it/made an appointment yet:

  • MatchaBunn


    I’m trying to remember my first session of EMDR; since I’ve been seeing my therapist for over a year now, we’ve definitely adapted practices that are suited for my needs. I believe the first thing you’ll get sorted with your EMDR therapist are grounding techniques that work best for you. Your therapist will want to be sure that you can find calm when you’re trudging through trauma. I remember we also worked hard on creating a container so that when processing trauma outside of session, you are able to put it aside to work on later. You may also talk some about what you’re hoping to get from EMDR, and goals you have. Usually first appointments are just feeling each other out and seeing what you can accomplish working together. Take your time to decide and ask questions about the process, and make sure you have a preferred method of communication—for me, creating a shared Google doc to use as a journal to update my therapist has been very helpful. Best of luck to you! I hope that this is a helpful tool to add to your belt on your journey of healing. 💕

  • Butterflygirl


    Make sure after each EMDR session you take time for you after the few sessions I did I was extremely exhausted. So I would find somewhere I could relax for a good 20 to 30 minutes or more and process things.

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