can anxiety affect gut health? also if it does, then what can I do to help with my anxiety? my anxiety is related with long term child sexual abuse. I have had bowl problems since I was little. when I was a baby, I had colic. can my past colic condition be related with stress?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Hummingbird


    Garden of life has very good probiotics help with anxiety 😊

    • chelsy


      was hoping someone had an answer for this! Thank you!

  • aIex


    Yes and the great part is the gut is very powerful in combating anxiety is you get it ro a good state

  • Meowjuana_420


    I get this as well and I swear when I go out it's like 50 percent of my anxiety worrying that I'm going to shit my pants in public because when i get bad anxiety my stomach hurts so bad. I usually take a sip of pepto before going somewhere.

    • spikeramy227


      I'm the same way when it comes to my bowls

  • BestieBet


    💯 I was seen by so many drs as a kid for my stomach issues. When I was in high school I started experiencing malabsorption bc my guts just shot everything out before I could even digest! When I was 20 I decided I was finally gonna talk to a doctor about my anxiety (because before that I wouldn’t talk about it bc of having anxiety 😏) When I started an ssri my stomach problems were like OMG WHY DIDNT ANYONE FIGURE THIS OUT SOONER! It’s not like my tummy was normal, but I didn’t carry bottles of pepto in my purse anymore!

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