Who else deals with constant suicidal feelings?

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • Loomie


    I do. In passing, when I wake up, when I lay down. It’s so exhausting.

  • Elise_Laura


    When you do call a crisis line. It helps a lot and if you have intent and a plan then go to the hospital. It’s worth it, you’re irreplaceable! And if you need it you need it (help)

  • RachelNaomi


    I have feelings that come in passing. It’s kind of chilling actually. Randomly will have a thought that I would be better off dead. I made a lot of progress and wasn’t having those thoughts and feelings then recently they came back again.

  • jellyforspongebob


    i do almost daily since has gotten just.....crazy😥

  • Nova13


    Me. I have been dealing with them since I was a child, and they have only gotten worse. 😥

  • rose_the_littlefish


    ✋ me. I wish you the best and I hope the weight lifts for you.

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