Hey ambulatory CP peeps with minimal upper body spasticity...

I had a negative experience losing my balance while carrying some hot food across an open space in my house yesterday. It was really disappointing, I was looking forward to the meal and it made a huge mess and ruined my dinner.

I had more leftovers tonight and I really didn't want it to happen again, so I thought about some strategies for carrying hot dishes on bad balance days...

1. If your food is in a bowl, place it on a plate and carry the plate in one hand, supporting yourself on walls and furniture with the other hand on the way to your seat.

2. Carry your dish in phases, landing periodically on surfaces like tables, take a minute to regroup your balance at each little stop.

3. Prep your food in a container with a lid and use the lid securely while you're carrying. Added bonus: keeps your food warmer!

4. Use a walker with a platform seat to caddy your food close to your seat. Alternately get a small cart like a bar cart and use it like a TV table.

5. Use silicone lids to cover your plates and bowls, or hold them against the bottom so the heat doesn't make your spasticity worse.

6. Carry your food with a potholder on the bottom so the heat doesn't throw you off.

Obviously every CP babe is different but these have either helped me or seem like they might if I had the adaptive devices.


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  • Princess0428


    I'm sorry that happened. Luckily it doesn't sound like you got hurt. 👍 these sound so helpful. I'm glad you've come up with so many strategies to use. I find myself using #1 often

  • marshmallow_bun


    I absolutely cannot carry more than one cup if they have liquid in them. My left hand just can’t do it. Luckily, I usually have people who can help, or I take more than one trip. As I’ve gotten older, I’m less embarrassed about having to do things differently due to my CP. I think these tips are great!

  • Sarah391


    I have a food cart for this reason

  • Phoenix94


    Great tips I'll have to try some of these

  • Italianafierce


    Number 2 is what I always do. ❤️

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