How do you find the spoons to prepare and cook meals? I'm in the process of switching jobs because my current job has me so burnt out I just order take out, get into bed and that's the end of it. Most nights the idea of cooking anything outside of the microwave makes me want to lay down and cry.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Ender318


    I don’t 😂 a lot of the time I just order food honestly. How To ADHD posted a video recently of low executive function friendly meals to cook. Otherwise meal kits like hamburger helper can be better than other things

  • TrippyDangerousMe


    Cooking is one of my special interests. I try to cook one meal everyday. I just thats what motatives me

  • may_Bea


    Something that's helped me is meal planning and having a safe back up (vegetarian dino nuggets usually). By meal planning ahead of time, it's one less step in the process. Each week I get two meals delivered from a meal delivery place where most of the selecting ingredients and recipe planning is done and then the other days I either plan for leftovers or have a meal that I planned myself. If being out of spoons is something that you regularly experience after work, you can always also look into slow cook meals as those usually are just throwing a bunch of things in a slow cooker and letting it sit all day. My favorite slow cooker meal is tomato and cream cheese tortellini soup.

    • SunInAugust


      thank you for this

  • LavaGuppy


    Tbh, I use my air fryer for nearly everything. It's so hard to find the motivation to get up and move sometimes though

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