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I have really mild CP, and my able-bodied boyfriend and I started ballroom dancing a few months ago. It’s not always as hard for me as I thought it would be, and it’s usually a lot of fun, but sometimes I get angry at myself because I feel like my body’s interfering with my dancing. (I’m a left hemi, btw) Any other disabled dancers out there? How do you handle it?

    • Belle2222


      I dance for choir and it can be frustrating when your body just can’t seem to do the dances moves you want it to. What I do is focus on a specific part of a dance and try to dance it until I get it right.

    • Ariishiya


      (Not dancing exactly but) My Boyfriend took me roller-skating as our first actual physical date night together, it's something I have always wanted to do and he wanted to make it happen for me... but as I expected it was difficult for my affected side(right hemi) to follow along and not being to control it, it really upset me and just wanted to give up entirely, but he supported me mentally and physically hehe and was so patient... unfortunately it ended with an arrogant enable-bodied person showing off going backwards not looking where they were going to smash into my back and I land flat on my back and head...we had to inform my mum of the impact to my head just in case and she treated him so unfairly when he tried his best to be there for me... I think without the support of my partner I wouldn't have handled it or even attempted it at all so I'm thankful for him and making me realise I can do more than I think

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