What are the norms with fibro for you? I’ve seemingly been more and more limited and my doctors say everything’s fine but fibro “isn’t degenerative” looking. For advice, alternatives to pain meds, people to relate to.

Generalized pain

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • UnknownSystem98


    I have felt my pain has been getting worse and worse over the last two years and was told the same thing! If it’s not something else causing this the only thing I can think is because I’m struggling with pain and not taking the best care of myself it’s making my general pain worse or there’s always the chance I have something other than just fibro

  • Quincy


    I realized when I was in a mental hospital that my level of pain that was normal to me wasn't actually normal. There was a tech that said if on a scale of 1-10 your pain was more than 7, you should go to a hospital, but mine was always above 7. I'm also super used to stiff joints and walking like a penguin that when people point it out I get confused like "yeah my joints are bonkers get over it"

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