I’ve just started my first real job after college and I’ve already got a lot of self doubt and worry about if I’m ever going to be good enough at it. As someone who has never had high confidence in themself, having these newer and bigger responsibilities is very intimidating :/

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Brobi1


    Hi there, so sorry to hear youre having self doubt and feeling anxious. I understand exactly what you mean, “imposter syndrome” is very real when starting something new and Ive fallen victim to it as well as many many others. There are alot of resources online for how to challenge your imposter and anxious thoughts. The big thing Ive learned and am still practicing to get better at is that the anxious fear or doubt thoughts are “trying to protect you”. So you might wonder from what? And if you already know what theyre trying to protect you from then you can challenge those things. Like “im not experienced enough to handle these new things” might be a thought. But the reality is if they didnt think you could learn and be what theyre looking for they would not have picked you! So give some of that a try and I hope this gets to you kindly

    • Brobi1


      And by picked you I mean hired you in case that wasnt clear already lol.

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