I got a new job and I really like it. But I'm already suffering from imposter syndrome. My role involves a lot of responsibility and I've realized I'm somewhat stuck in a mindset of a follower, even somewhat childlike, as if I'm not really capable of knowing what to do without a "real adult" holding my hand. I know that's not true. I'm highly educated, very skilled, and I'm smart enough to figure out the things I don't know yet. But those annoying intrusive thoughts are still there.

I've also already noticed how awkward I feel among my coworkers. they're all very nice to me and seem like they would be easy to talk to. But I've noticed that almost all day every day, the entire team is in the conference room chatting (we haven't officially opened for business yet, so there is a lot of down time right now). from what I know of social rules, it would be acceptable for me to just walk in the room and join the socialization. Alas, the autism will not let me join a group situation without an explicit invitation. it simply isn't done. so not only an I worried about it being awkward if I go in uninvited and unwanted, I'm worried about it seeming awkward if I don't join in. I stay in my office unless asked to join a meeting.

At this point, I'm considering just telling several of them, by the way, I'm autistic so I'm gonna seem awkward at times. if I do, don't be afraid to just point out the social expectations to me because I am probably genuinely unaware, but once I know it's easy for me to act normal.

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  • DitsyDiabetic


    This is SOOOOO relatable. I’m here if you wanna chat

  • Anura


    I recently started a new job as well and I'm struggling to feel like I'm part of the team, even though it seems like my coworkers like me for the most part. I'm not sure what to do about it yet as I didn't really express that I'm autistic at work, I only talked about my chronic pain and anxiety which people seem to be accepting. I relate to the feeling of not being welcome unless someone invites you. Neurotypical people confuse me with what they will think or feel but won't say out loud. Autistic people just tend to be bad at understanding the intentions behind a stranger or acquaintance's actions

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