I had a bad weekend, bad month etc. Today I stubbed my toe and my nail broke half way down, ruined my pedicure and I couldn't get it fixed (nothing they can do anyway). I became livid and realized I've been internalizing my anger and frustration about other things onto very shallow aspects of my life. I'm so frustrated and I don't know how to get out the rage I'm feeling. I'm projecting everything and I feel so guilty about it. and that's my story.

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  • Pisforpotato


    I feel you on this SO MUCH. I have often times destroyed relationships due to my explosive anger, and to be honest, I’m still learning how to control it. Truthfully, I have started a vigorous workout routine that helps me release. I like going back and forth between boxing and weight lifting with some Zumba in between. It really takes it out of me most times. All of that can be found on YouTube, so it’s free if financials are an issue for you like they are for me. I would be happy to talk with you too if you ever need it or want it!

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