Best treatment for joint pain in the hips, knees and ankles? Mine has been getting progressively worse and sends sharp vibrating pain throughout those areas for hours on end. it hurts to walk or even just sit or lie down. please send help. I've cried myself to sleep idk how many times bc my mom just doesn't get it and no doctor seems interested in helping. 🥺😭

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  • Egg.Sprinkles


    I’m being sent to a Rheumatologist soon to see if I have a main Immune Disorder that is causing my pain and inflammation: in the mean time though I avoid air conditioning, I avoid like major changes in temperature hot to cold, cold to hot makes me lock up and gives me severe pain so I try to moderate temperature. Naproxen has been helpful in the past. ankle braces and knee braces can help immensely. I have real bad joint problems in wrists and knuckles and braces help those too. Topical ibuprofen cream can take the edge off especially at night when it’s all you can focus on. High quality CBD tinctures (drops) with zero THC can be really helpful but seek it out through a very informed route, like someone who can tell you what to take specifically for your pain and needs. Melodic sm can be helpful to some people who get no relief from other more common anti inflammatories. And honestly even nutrition can play a small (or large) part in relief. Omega 3 fatty acids and ginger are my go-to’s. Pretty much building a foundation of relief within every aspect of life, it’s kind of trying everything and then even if something helps a little then add that to your daily life and keep adding those building blocks of small relief until you achieve a good difference and make those building blocks just part of your each and every day life 💕 I really hope you find relief as soon as possible with all of your pain 😥 ❤️

    • Egg.Sprinkles


      I meant Meloxicam* can be helpful to some people who get no/or little relief from more common anti inflammatories**^

    • BloomingDaily


      - thank you for this information I’m going to try these recommendations. I’ve been told that night shade vegetables are bad for arthritis, I may also try this once summer is over. Night shades being tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and bell peppers. Evidently with tomatoes the skin and seeds are the problem. I peel my tomatoes because I can’t give up fresh garden tomatoes. There’s nothing I don’t like to eat and good fresh veggies I love. Hope you do well in your pain management.

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