Today's been a particularly hard day.
On days like that, does anyone else like to order junk food and eat it in bed like a gargoyle?
Just me?

(I know)
It's not the best for my guts or my inflammation, but as someone in ED recovery, I am glad to have found a point where food could be fun and self-comfort on a day like today, not a point of stress.

Abdominal Distention

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  • Teotl


    I get tons of doordash when I get my check for the month, I don't eat it in bed I watch mukbangs or food travelers/ adventurers, have you tried green lightbulbs? It's amazing look up what green light does to you it even helps people with fibromyalgia and helps fix your circadian

  • BreezyBaby


    I ate an entire tub of yogurt, a bag of Whopper eggs, and an entire thing of Oreos last night because I was having flashbacks and food helps me cope sometimes... Not that it's healthy.

  • KzooDiana


    I eat a lot of junk after stressful day at work and while studying. It makes my weight loss journey that much harder but I'm still trying.

  • anemone


    yup, the best cure for my ptsd is thc and comfort foods. i often like to eat super spicy foods in those moments - always have - partly as like, a safe and acceptable self-inflicted pain? but also an enjoyable thing - i love spicy food to begin with, to the despair of my guts, but when i'm really going through it i like to destroy my intestines as a special treat... lol. other than that, there's a few special foods that always help, mostly specific meals that i associate with good memories ive lost weight recently and am in a healthy range, so i treat myself a little more often as long as i'm not going overboard enough to undo that healthy change. sure i could do with less sugar and carbs but i absolutely think the poor diet is worth the better mental health i get in exchange

  • SJP


    Ugh, yes. Sometimes eating *anything* is better than not at all, even if it leaves me as bloated as the Michelin man! Eating, emotions, and medical health management go hand-in-hand.

  • bananaz


    I think eating like a gargoyle 100% makes food taste better 😄 whenever i have a stressful day i just want a big fat quesadilla and that always does the trick (at my gut’s expense) and if I know the aftermath isn’t worth it I’ll just make pan fried rice noodles (it’s much better than it sounds!!) its like guilty pleasure without the guilt :)

  • ToastyToast


    I plan on getting Chick-fil-a tomorrow and eating alone like the bad ass demon I am.

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