Hi! Struggled with IBD symptoms for nearly a year now and getting tests and results is taking so long. Feeling very fed up and exhausted, work absences at all time high with no sympathy from manager or colleagues. Has anyone else had similar experiences in trying to get a diagnosis? Or people not believing/caring that you’re unwell?

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  • ash03x


    👋 i’m the same. experienced Crohn’s symptoms for coming up to two years, went to the doctors earlier this year for blood/stool test and they’re claiming nothing’s come back from either of them (i don’t believe that, and they’re not letting me see the results). i know something’s wrong with me, that’s the whole reason i’m going to them. when i listed my symptoms to them, they quoted “your symptoms aren’t serious enough for us to do anything”. Exactly what a woman with stomach pains and such wants to hear! I’ve also got no support/sympathy from anyone so I totally get that. Feel free to message me any time. ❤️

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