I’m new to Alike, and looking for any suggestions or similar experiences. I have multiple health issues and I’m struggling to manage them. I have several AutoImmune Diagnosis, severe back issues which cause constant pain, ADHD, & Anxiety are the most serious right now. The damage done to my back is permanent, and I have an epidural injection scheduled in 2 weeks. Praying that it will give me some pain relief andI can increase my physical activity. I know P.O.T.S. increases inflammation which increases my pain levels. I have been on a variety of medication, natural treatments, supplements and I’m starting at a Chiro next week. Even on a good day when my pain is low ab a 6-7, it’s difficult for me to focus on everyday tasks and get up out of bed. My memory and focus have made me feel like a lazy person, but I know it’s the ADHD. Does anyone else deal with these issues together? Any ideas on how to manage them?

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  • Jan_Marie


    I am disabled and in chronic pain with anxiety and depression. Injections helped my back pain and I regularly see a chiropractor for massage and adjusting. It helps

    • mrswarner


      Thank you so much for sharing. It gives me hope that I can get back to more of what I love doing. I used to be super active, spontaneous and always up for an adventure. I’ve struggled to adapt to a new lifestyle and I hate that my 8 yr old daughter has been so affected by my health issues, although she has become very independent and I’m so proud of the compassion she shows to me and others that have similar health issues. After refusing pain medication for years, I gave in last year bc the pain was so out of control it would take me over an hour to get out of bed. I’m praying that this injection will decrease the pain so I’m not taking the medication as frequently. How long did it take you to get relief after the injection? How much did your daily pain decrease with Chiro & injections?

  • CanIborrowaSpoon34


    Hi, I know this was posted a while ago but I struggle with all the same issues. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD etc. i also had spondololysthesis and had to have spinal fusion at L5 S1 in September of 2020…. Unfortunately they just found out it was failed back syndrome. Meaning there is not any bone growth to actually fuse the hardware. I also have adjacent segment problems in my spine at L4–L5 .. I am 31 and I used to be a fitness instructor and began my own personal training company .. now I am at such an intense pain level that I rely on pain meds just to get out of bed and be functional .. I have been reading books and the most helpful has been a book by David hanscome called “back in control” .. I actually learned about it from someone here on this platform… he has a lot of great suggestions for dealing with pain.. they may seem silly but they really work. this along with trying to strengthen my core and not push it to hard have been the only things that have helped. I sometimes think the depression and anxiety fuels the pain a little bit more because sometimes I cannot get it out of my head … I’ve tried many injections and the only ones that helped slightly were bilateral SI joint injections… I know everyone’s body is different but I thought I would offer some of my experiences. I hope you are doing okay and I am sending positivity your way! ❤️

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