Hey everyone, I have multiple sclerosis and lately when I get up from laying down I get the most uncomfortable tingling up and down my leg and arm it makes my toes curl and hand and leg shake. It feels like when your limbs fall asleep and are starting to wake up x 1000. Does anyone else struggle with this or know of anything that helps?


Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • TheLeoLady


    Sounds like clonus. I get it at night. Has woken me up. Mine comes with severe spasticity of my right leg and my foot just shakes. Google Clonus and MS there is a lot of material to explain it. I take baclofen for mine. Sometimes it works better than others. Hope this helps. Sending you positive vibes and good energy 🌻🧡

  • specialCharlee51


    Yes. It's MS, and if I've learned anything about it, the primary thing is "Who Knows "?? What you describe sounds like peripheral neuropathy. Pins and needles. Electric shocks. Try to stand up and fall flat on your face. OH YES. Do yourself one BIG favor. Don't Google all that crap. It can drive you crazy. This isn't a cop out but make an appointment with your neurologist, MS SPECIALIST, or primary doctor. TALK ABOUT YOUR SYMPTOMS. If testing or a change in meds is needed TAKK about all the What, when, where, why, and how. MS IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. the internet is helpful but not perfect. It's a tool not a treatment. Jot down some notes about how you feel or what you're doing when you feel certain things. Take your list to your doctor and get some answers. I will say this: even if you go over the list a dozen times there are always things no one understands about MS. Today I'm plopped in a recliner with my feet up because I need to. Tomorrow might be different. Who knows how I'll feel by Friday? You will drive yourself crazy if you look for answers on each little twitch or tingle. Look at how you function as a whole. Are you eating right, getting some exercise, resting and sleeping well? Are you taking good care of yourself? MS doesn't have a pill or potion for every little symptom. For some, nothing seems to work while for others nothing seems to slow them down! I'm firmly in the middle and going day to day. It's cool to get tips and tricks online but DR. INTERNET DOESN'T HAVE A MEDICAL DEGREE. There are many ways to get help. Start with your doctor and go from there. Remember the doctor works for you. Don't accept bad care because "It's MS". if your doctor won't discuss fire their butt and find a new one. But please don't be relying on Dr. Internet. Be well, be safe and be careful. Good luck, you can do this!

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