Does anyones else feel like their anxiety is 10x worse when they get their period? Sorry if this is weird lol

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • MoeCha


    Yes! I feel as though I'm going to explode mentally. I need to have more alone time throughout the day to put literally everything in perspective.

    • Kyralynn


      glad I’m not alone!

  • SamRose11


    Not weird at all hell yes it is

  • JaeAr


    No weird at all. I'm the unnauralist that takes continuous birth control for that reason.

  • Lunarr


    My OB/GYN said that due to menstrual magnification mental and physical illness worsen right before and during your period. Before I started birth control to manage it, I used to get super anxious and dissociatively depressed alongside worsening of my physical symptoms (dizziness, migraine, etc). It's all hormones and whatnot shifting around, makes the brain wig out a little even though it's the one doing this to you in the first place lol

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