Does anyone else ever get swollen lymph nodes in their armpits with their thyroiditis? The first time I got them, I scared myself into thinking I had breast cancer


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  • Toxicvalentine


    Like a lump in your armpits? I always thought it was a cyst but this rlly got me thinking bc it goes away

  • bookwormsb6


    Yeah, like a lump in your armpit - apparently, we have lymph nodes in our armpits, along with the ones in our neck, and they can get swollen as a side effect of the thyroiditis - something I didn’t know, until it happened to me the first time and I freaked out Lol

  • Toxicvalentine


    Woah that’s crazy so yes I definitely feel you on that 😂 thanks for the enlightenment

  • Janet27



  • Ryryry


    I had gotten this after a certain medication (Wellbutrin)! I didn’t realize this is also linked up with thyroiditis Mine was just swollen breast tissue. It slightly shrank after I stopped taking the medication but it looks like I’ll need surgery to get rid of it ://

  • StrawberryCup


    YES! And on my neck! I never thought the one on my armpit could be the Hashi’s though. That is super interesting!

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