Hi guys, I just got diagnosed with Raynaud’s syndrome about a month or so ago and I was wondering if anyone had tips for deal with it in the winter. I live in a colder climate and I’m finding most of the time I’m losing sensation in my hands and feet now that’s it’s really cold and I’ve tried thick socks, wearing multiple pairs of socks, I even bought ski mittens and I’m still freezing! My dr said my condition isn’t quite bad enough to consider putting me on medication tho and I’m not sure if it would even help me or not. If anyone has any possible advice or tips to dealing with this I’d really appreciate it!

Raynaud's Syndrome

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  • Edboi0904


    Wear a lot of layers I mean like 2 pair of socks and at least one has to be fuzzy and leggings under your jeans is a life saver. Definitely get a heated blanket and compression gloves/socks they help increase blood flow I believe but I highly recommend double checking that I have the worst memory.

  • Izzybee


    Thank you so much I’ll have to try that! I’ll definitely ask my dr about the compression socks to get his opinion on them! I’ll definitely try the leggings under my jeans hopefully that’ll help! Thank you so so much!!

  • Kiiroitori


    Make sure your layers aren't too tight! If you have everything snug then the warmth you're trying to trap in will have nowhere to circulate and will simply be absorbed and then expelled by the tight layer

  • Edboi0904


    Apparently clothes that are lose and baggy hold more heat than tight clothing but I haven't personally tried this out so I'm not sure

  • alienbaby


    I agree with heated blankets and loose fitting pj's, but something I do to warm up my hands and body is I drink a lot of warm tea/coffee. You could drink hot water as well or milk depending on what you like. And slippers!!

  • 13Squares


    Just bought myself some rechargeable hand warmers and those have been a big help. When I can’t hold them I usually just slip them into my sleeves for some warmth by proxy of my wrists or forearms. Big comfy socks are a constant must. And I wear slippers whenever possible. Also nothing beats cozying up at home with a thick blanket or comforter.

  • Camanarama


    I highly recommend putting on your gloves before your hands get cold! Sometimes I’d wait until I got in my car or left the house, and it was already too late. It’s much easier to keep those fingers warm than try to get them warm again! Also, I find mittens are warmer than gloves. Gloves under mittens have worked well too!

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