what are you taking for vestibular anxiety?

Vertiginous Syndromes & Disorders of Vestibular System



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  • kirstin


    Citalopram, I call it my crazy pills. I get pretty stressed when starting to feel sick and it helps alot, sometimes stress can make you sicker than you actually are.

    • cassiecat


      yes it does have been diagnosed w adenoid hypertrophy and euchastian tube dysfunction secluded myself afraid of getting sick and really have to calm myself down to not feel worse, blessings

  • Holls


    I’ve been suffering from awful dizziness and anxiety. They told me I have vestibular neuritis. What is vestibular anxiety? What were your symptoms

    • Pantalons


      it’s anxiety from your vestibular condition. I wanna say it’s also called PPPD if you wanna check it out but you need to have a vestibular disorder to then be diagnosed with PPPD which in short is anxiety caused by vestibular problems

      • Nzinga


        thank you for your reply on pppd. After months of trying to understand what the f* is going on with me and most doctors excluding meniere's, I've googled it and explains to the letters almost all my symptoms. Now I can talk with the doctors about this.

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