I had a mental breakdown last night over a simple miscommunication between me and my partner. I just seem to say things that make the situations worse and worse when I just need to end the argument cause I'm over stressed. last night I didn't know I was physically punching myself when I was trying to stop myself from talking. now my husband's mad cause he thinks I was trying to get a bruise so I can blame it on him (obviously not my goal, i was just trying to knock some sense into myself). I feel so insane right now, I don't want to hurt myself anymore, i quit that shit close to a decade ago. I kinda want to go to a hospital but I have no insurance and I have to take care of my child... more or less just need some kind words today.


Acute self-inflicted injury

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  • classypenguin


    Life has its ups and downs, things can pile up and make it so much harder. You are a good person with lots to offer. Your husband is just scared of losing you and though you both may not say the right things sometimes, you have a beautiful child together and that shows a lot of love and dedication. You will get through this, I'm so sorry this happened to you but understand that you are a strong person and even strong people get hurt.

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