I haven’t been on a plane in a while. I’m debating on going on an 1 1/2 hour plane ride but trying to figure out how bad of a flare up or rest is typically needed afterwords with Fibro? What is anyone else’s experiences?

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  • KayesKid


    I have flown twice in the last year. 2.5 hour flights. I wasn’t able to sleep much ahead because of anxiety. But the flight went well. I only required to take it easy the day of the flight after we were to our destination. The next day I was able to get out and about. Hope this helps.

    • AliceKnope24


      thank you that is helpful!

  • mrchaos


    I’ve been on multiple long flights in the past year. The first one was the worst for me considering my body hasn’t been through anything like that. If you have pain medication that works for you have some on standby for when you land if needed. Other than that you my be a little sore for a few days

  • Whizzer


    Actually my fibro isn’t too bad with planes and I actually enjoy the heightened pressure in the cabin. I’m one of those fibro people who enjoys when it’s raining because the atmospheric pressure just…👌 *chefs kiss*. If this is your first time, I wouldn’t recommend getting too worried. There isn’t really a way to know how your fibro will act, so you just gotta take what you can and go with the flow. If you’re worried about needing a rest, there are plenty of nice places in most air ports to take a lil nap after the flight. Or you could always do what most people with fibro do which is suck it up and pass out when they get to their hotel room/destination. It all depends on what your plans are for that day! I wish you all the best in your travels!

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