Any tips or ways of coping with chronic suicidality, and also constantly feeling the need to punish yourself for everything? My mom is in a different country rn and my urges to be self-destructive have heightened even more since then..

Self-inflicted injury

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  • Eddyy


    Do you have a safety plan? Those are always good to make and go over if you’re at risk. Try to ground yourself when the intrusive thoughts get overwhelming. Whenever my brain is catastrophising and attacking itself, I try to tear the intrusive thought apart. I do this by writing down the thought, as sometimes when you can visually see it you can see how irrational it is. Then I reconstruct the thought, taking out the parts that aren’t necessarily true and replacing them with truth. Reconstruction doesn’t necessarily need to be extremely positive, but it helps your thought process become more rational.

    • Coffeek


      I do have a safety plan, just have to make sure I stick to it and remember it as that can be difficult sometimes. But that’s a really good idea, I haven’t heard of that before! Tysm💓

      • Eddyy


        Np, stay strong 💕

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