Hello, I'm newly diagnosed with endo. I am supposed to have my first laparoscopic surgery soon. I wonder how many others might experience joint pain around hips and pelvic area. I get this a lot and I'm not sure if it is related to endo. I also have some upper leg pain.


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  • MandazInTC


    I've had two surgeries and have found that it's very common for me to have that pain. It doesn't go away immediately, but in my case a lot of it went away. Does your doctor plan to put you on any medication after as well? My first surgery I had Lupron shots. My second time, orilissa came out and that was WAY better.

    • Joon


      my doctor has not mentioned managing pain after surgery, but has discussed using Lysteda to make periods lighter, or taking continuous birth control.

      • MandazInTC


        Using medication that targets endo can be different. It may depend too what they find after the surgery.

  • vinyl


    My hip pain is excruciating some days, but it usually feels better after surgery. My doctors never mentioned any type of medication besides birth control, they have me on nexplanon to get as close to no period as possible though

  • Foof


    Yes, I never found any relief with meds or bc pills it would only mask my symptoms or cause greater pain. I have found some relief seeing a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor.

  • Paincess


    It is all related. I had something called severe cervical stenosis. Has nothing to do with the cervix. It’s actually a nerve cluster that exits the base of the spine. Mine was constricted badly by endo, and by lysis my surgeon was able to remove that intense pressure and clear up my back, hip, and leg pain.

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