I recently confirmed I am autistic. I guess now that I finally have the answer I’ve been looking for, where do I go from here?
I am late/self diagnosed
I brought it up to my past psychiatrist and without even asking any questions on why I thought I was autistic, she said “I don’t see it in you” as if autism is something you can see. My mother is also skeptical due to her belief in autism misconceptions. Since that I’ve been afraid to bring it up to any psychiatrists or therapists.
Can any other late/self diagnosed autistics relate?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • videotapes


    absolutely. it took me a long time to get diagnosed, and i knew for a while before then. my mother, though a nurse, has little to no experience with autistic people, but after lengthy explanations of the signs and symptoms, she understands me much better. with time, people start to realize that it’s always been there. i think the most important thing is to avoid self doubt

  • Gingeralamode


    I really would use real life examples that your mom would have been there for that showed symptoms to try to explain it. If you can get her to understand then the psychiatrist will probably take it from her

  • Soraiya


    I didn't know until my early 20s! It can be so hard to get a diagnosis or for anyone to take you seriously if you don't fit the stereotypical ideal of what autism looks like.

  • Fish.loves.cats


    I relate

  • Tjx123


    The first therapist i told said I didn’t look autistic so I couldn’t b autistic n the second therapist said my makeup was too pretty for me to b autistic

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