how to deal with the pain. my legs get stiff and they swell up when I'm up but when I lay down they go down. what type of foods should I be eating?

Edema & Anasarca


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  • poisonpixie83


    Cut down on salt sodium interests swelling also limit fluid intake

  • Andi71


    I’ve been juicing. It took a couple of months before I saw results but it’s working for me…. I do all the fruits and vegetables that help to lower inflammation and help with purging out fluid

    • Thunder77


      what is your routine with the juicing

      • Andi71


        every morning. I do it fresh. Otherwise if you make it in advance it oxidizes and you can lose the nutrients and freshness

  • Bernie59


    I'm on a strict keto diet, my doctor found an article that recommended this diet for lymphedema. So far I've lost 148 pounds, I only wrap for a couple of hours and it's removed all my Celiac symptoms. It's a tough diet, but I'm willing to do it. It also has reversed my daughter's PCOS, that was a big surprise!

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