for the first time since middle school i have been falling apart in my mental health. i have been getting bad social anxiety again. i am going through episodes again. i have relapsed. the skills that used to help me all the time don’t anymore. after all my hard work i feel like it just didn’t work for me. i have been on almost every med i’m able to take in my gene site test and none of them have worked. i am currently off meds and was self prescribing cannabis but since i don’t have the money for it anymore i have nothing to keep me stable. someone please help me or just tell me i’m not crazy


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Kennedi


    Medications can be so tricky to figure out. Cannabis is a huge help to me as well. But sometimes it’s not feasible to use it. Have you considered going to therapy and seeing if you’re able to get some guidance or relief from that? Wishing you the best

  • imtom


    You’re not crazy. I feel the same way. The meds stop working, the skills and distractions don’t do it and the money isn’t there. I relate to this so much. The most I can say is..we can fix this. It’ll get better. If it once was better, it can be better again. Is it possible to get prescribed Xanax/Lorazepam? And if you’ve tried those, then good for trying them at minimum right. My DMs are open as I feel like I relate so strongly to this.. and we’ll get better <3…

  • meraki


    Cannabis is legal im state medically and recreationally, but I was able to get my med card for PTSD in my state. If that's a thing in your state, have you looked at the qualifying conditions in your state? A med card saved me so much money. Also you're not crazy, just to throw that out there ❤️ have you tried dbt? Honestly other than cannabis it's been the most helpful thing to me. Still figuring out medications myself.

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