I've been having extremely violent outburst lately my triggers have been taking me 0 to 100 I feel like a lot of other areas in my life have gotten better my panic attacks have calmed down significantly, but as I feel like I'm getting better in some areas I feel like I'm getting worse in others I try to tell myself that this is the reverse process of my brain healing but I don't really know I stopped using all the heavy medication they had me on back in December I now primarily just use cannabis CBD seems to give me anxiety which also I'm curious if others have had this issue, also my mind continuously racist I feel like I'm going absolutely crazy because I think about every little thing and every little detail I wondered if I am autistic and I've taken test to see if I am and they also just I am not however I feel very heavy emotions I'm very passionate about what I think and I am hypersensitive with my senses my hearing my touch my smell everything goes haywire and heightens. maybe this is still the withdrawal from the Xanax the Klonopin the clonidine the other half dozen things they had me all on at once. please let me know what you guys think if you are experiencing this and what you done to help ty sincerely God bless....

also I'll add if it weren't for God and cannabis I don't think I'd be anything close to as good as I am now.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Metoo43


    Hello, I also was recently diagnosed with PTSD as well. It's a number of things but the main answer most recent was being fired from my abusive job. I know sounds strange but I experience similar things. Racing thoughts, panic attacks, etc.

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