Hi, my name is Kelcey and I've been struggling with panic disorder for a little while now. Although I've been able to cope for the most part, it would be amazing to meet others who understand my situation so I don't feel so alone. My current symptoms of my panic attacks are nausea, feeling hot and light headed and rapid breathing. My biggest triggers for panic attacks happen to be traveling. I always panic and tell myself I can't go but the trip always turns up fine. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips and methods to cope with panic when traveling? anything would be greatly appreciated

Panic Disorder

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  • Shelbsz


    Hi Kelcey! My name is Shelby, I would be happy to talk and give tips if you’d like! 😊💞

  • Kacer_kace


    I would so greatly appreciate that!

  • TiggerGizmo


    Please give me tips as well

  • Green_Goblin


    I like to talk about all the good things that will happen on the trip with someone. It helps distract me from all the anxious thoughts

  • Coffee22


    Here to talk anytime

  • MsBreezy


    Hi. I am a long time sufferer of Panic Disorder (diagnosed in 2003) after many trips to the ER in 2002 and 2003. I just joined this platform. Hello all

  • lynncin


    I have bad panic attacks to

  • MsBreezy


    Good Morning.

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