sometimes my migraines get so bad I can't focus on work. and nobody sees it and just thinks I'm being dramatic.

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  • mannymmv


    i can relate i just hate the fact how people just rub it off thinking that it is just a simple headache

  • Lyd


    Me too. My school wouldn’t give me alternative learning and told me to basically suck it up and fail. I passed by the skin of my teeth and lots of ER visits for painkillers the night before school starts.

  • Wish


    Same. It sucks when people try to invalidate you about your own experiences. A couple years ago I was dealing with migraines for the first time and they were awful. I felt nauseous all the time, couldn't focus, could barely keep my head up. I spent most of the day just lying down. Everyone I talked to about it either did not believe me or asked if I'd seen a doctor first. idk how anyone looked at me and thought I was okay.

  • Lyd


    For real. I always get anecdotes too, like oh I rubbed my neck tension and it went away! Like it’s that simple!/s it’s different for everyone. And why does nobody care? Do they think they can’t do anything? News flash: they can be supportive 🥲

  • Genevieves_Journey


    SAME. I always get the “well you don’t look like you’re in pain?” Sorry, let me just fall to the floor real quick and make a scene

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