Does anyone else have a hard time accepting your pain. Because we’re constantly told we don’t look sick. And I have a hard time not just trying to push away the pain (meaning I’m not accepting that I’m hurting really badly) is it just me?

Behcet's Disease (BD)

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  • CrazyHairHappyMama


    I was diagnosed with Behcets back in 2017, they then took back the diagnosis because it was too rare. They recently said I have probable Behcets. I try not to dwell on what I can’t change. I just do what I need to do in that day. I can’t change any of it. I have tried diet and exercise. It is what it is. Sorry I’m not much help but you are not alone.

  • Rumi2


    Have you tried using curable to help address the pain and how your brain processes it?

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