What is it?

Behcet's syndrome is a disease that involves vasculitis, which is inflammation of the blood vessels. It causes problems in many parts of the body.
If you have the disease, you probably have sores in the mouth or on the genitals (sex organs). More serious symptoms can include swelling, heat, redness, and pain in the eyes and other parts of the body.
Experts are not sure what causes Behcet’s disease, but you may carry certain genes that increases your chance of getting it.

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Additional names

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Signs & symptoms

The disease is incurable, but the symptoms can come and go over time. If you are having symptoms, then you are going through a flare.
Some people have only mild symptoms, such as sores in the mouth.
Others have more severe problems, such as multiple skin sores, arthritis which is an inflammation of the joints and vision loss.


Behcet’s syndrome is hard to diagnose, as there is no one diagnostic test that can tell whether you have the disease for sure.
Your doctor will ask you about your symptoms and perform a physical exam.
He or she may order blood tests to rule out other diseases that can cause similar symptoms.


Treatment will help reduce pain and prevent serious problems.
Common treatments usually include medications, such as corticosteroids, that help control the immune system, reduce swelling, and minimize symptoms.
Most people can control symptoms with treatment.

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