Hey. I am just curious and those who want to share? Did anyone get COVID and when they got better, you experienced long COVID symptoms? I got COVID in December and I got long COVID symptoms and one of them is my anxiety, it got way higher before I got the virus, my doctor said it’s a COVID affect.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Rain_


    Hi! I got Covid in December as well and I don’t think my anxiety got any better or worse. Unfortunately my voice got like twice as deep and I low-key sound like I’m sick all the time😭. It will probably go away tho…eventually.

    • Yadira


      oh really? I’ve never heard that type of long symptom before, yeah hopefully it’ll go away

  • Birthdaycakes


    I had Covid in November and my anxiety idt got worse but I do get abdominal pain for about 15 minutes after eating.

    • Yadira


      really? Has it gotten better?

  • amber9131


    I got covid January 2020 and after I got anxiety which never had it. Also I have constant pressure and ear popping. Just wont go away.

  • Rach13


    Actually science proves that Covid health wise doesn’t do anything for anxiety. It is actually the stress from having Covid and the after affects of having it. That’s how your anxiety is worse.

  • logie


    I have leg pain and throwing up and drowsiness still!

  • Xzla


    I had it in January and I luckily didn't get anything long term. However nobody really knows the long long term effects of covid

  • Azucar


    I’m with COVID right now 😥 the anxiety is worse and I hope to get better soon

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