I'm trying to decide whether I need a second opinion on the dissection of an aneurysm on my Iliac artery? It is 2.3 cm they say nothing needs to be done till its 3.5 cm, it is located directly after the Iliac splits off of the Aeorta.

Arterial Aneurysms


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  • Ashley84


    I had a dissection. Mine was in my vertebral artery and was a 4x6. Mine was repaired with 6 coils and a pipeline however I started having blurred vision and a severe headache that nothing would help but it gives me peace of mind knowing it’s repaired

  • Im_Carol


    Hi, mine are vertebral and internal cartiod. My first dissection was 6 years ago and I was told it was too large to stent, it extended into my skull. It has healed very slowly over the years, I was told it would never heal, while I have chronic dissections and aneurysms in 2 arteries, I am alive and kicking still, which I was by sure about 6 years ago.

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