Hey again it’s been a while. It’s been about two and a half years since I’ve been diagnosed with TMJ. My pressure is caused by the Masseter muscle rather than the joint. I have been to over 10 specialists, gotten Botox, tried billions of meds (anxiety, muscle relaxers, self medicating), pt, trigger point injections, numerous bite splints, etc. I have been getting trigger point injections every 6 weeks and have been on naltrexone for the past few months. It used to be my lifeline, but recently the medication stopped working. I have hay fever rn, so we’re not sure if it’s allergy related. My allergist had given me a few meds that help the allergies, but nothing has made the medication work again. Eating, yawning, talking, singing, and cars are a huge trigger for the pressure. Not sure what to try next. I’ve taken the advice I’d posture and being mindful of my body, but the muscle seems to be in complete so spasm regardless. Anything helps. I’m in desperate need of some relief. It has set me back with doing drivers training, college, and being able to work, or even go out with friends


Temporomandibular joint disorders

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