does anyone else with FND constantly have seizures and locked lims??

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  • eth0sien


    My most prominent symptoms of FND are seizures and limb locking. Thankfully my limbs don’t lock as much as they used to, but my seizures are still bad.

    • Ashton_ash


      Same here! do you struggle with temporary paralysis? I j don't know people with FND and wanna compare symptoms...

  • kataline


    Same here !!

  • Anna.Pugh


    I had consistent seizures on a daily basis but mine have lessened more. My limbs would often lock during the seizure and it would last for a long time.

  • PicklesTheCat


    Omg yes



    Seizures almost every day :(

  • Mecca


    Yes almost of everyday

  • Ashtonn


    My limbs can lock for hours at a time. I have seizures that can last up to 12.5 hrs. I have found that a weighted blanket during a seizure helps and heat applied directly to the locked limb in the form of a heat pack or hot water bottle helps the limb to unlock sooner. As soon as it unlocks I stretch it out and roll it around to ease up any remaining tension

  • Rene1027


    I have seizures from it almost daily. Limbs lock regularly too.

  • Mecca


    Almost everyday

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