I'm allergic to nightshades (the relevant one for this post: peppers). Yesterday, I got sushi at a previously trusted store, the ingredients list didn't have any peppers or anything on it, it was a normal tuna roll. I ate a piece and didn't notice anything (I can't taste spice
how do I avoid things like this? it seems absolutely futile when I can just get poisoned like this by improper labeling, and I know it's illegal but just because it's not right doesn't mean it doesn't happen. also, I get got all the time trying new foods because EVERYTHING says "natural flavors" or "starch" and I just can't know what's safe until I *know* what's not safe.

anybody have tips for staying safe and finding more safe foods? especially with 'strange' allergies

also, if anybody reading this has a nightshade allergy PLZ hmu, there's so little of us I'd love to meet more and discuss food stuffs 😌


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  • GroceryEater


    I’m allergic to latex which spills over into any fruit.

    • SquippyMars


      hm, I'm allergic to latex as well as quite a few fruits, never really connected those (except for fig haha, that reaction was what told me to look into latex in the first place).

  • Raphia


    I am so sorry to hear this happened!! I have had this type of thing happen so so many times!! I don’t have a nightshade allergy, but several other allergies that show up in half the stuff on the shelves! I wish I had better advice, but I tend to stay away from any non-specific labels! If it says “natural flavors,” I’ll assume the worst and just avoid it. Sometimes, I’ll do some googling, go to the company website, etc., to see if they are more specific online and have sometimes been successful with that (especially health food brands!) I hope this helped at least a little!!!

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