how do you overcome depressive lows?


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  • Aspie3


    I let myself feel it. I’m done with trying to ignore it it push it away. It’s part of me, so embracing it has been a big step. Also incorporating journaling, worship music and pouring my guts out to God.

  • nolagirl80


    I watch a favorite feel-good movie or show, and I stretch. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. Stay hydrated, sleep well if you can, eat at least two meals a day, and relax your muscles. I hope you come back up a bit.

  • Kix


    Please let me know if you find out lol

  • Dariachick


    I have a jar that i print out compliments that I’ve gotten when my internal validation is off these pieces of external validation help me tremendously.

  • Invisible


    Eat junk food and pray tomorrow is better

  • kittenintheyarn


    Take bubble baths, exercise, pray and meditate, take naps, ask for extra hugs, watch cat videos, eat eggs, chocolate, and bananas, take herbal supplements made to combat depression, do my best to keep moving in spite of it, cry if I have to, wait it out and recite the Serenity prayer...

  • Kymbunz


    I downloaded graditude quotes and journaling. Affirmation quotes help me. Guided Meditation helps as well. I take ashawanga and maca root to help with my moods and hormones from going crazy.

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