Do you think a couple can survive thru infidelity?
I'm personally going through what I feel as the worst thing possible. my boyfriend, who wants to marry me, is cheating on me.
it confuses me so badly because he treats me so lovingly and babies me tells me every day how much he loves me. yet he cheats on me?
I haven't let him know that I know. I don't know how.


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  • mmxyfield


    i’m so sorry you’re going through that! i do believe couples can survive it but it’s not always for the better, that sounds so confusing it’s so hard when their actions and words don’t align. you should tell him you know, hear his side of the story and that’ll tell you what you need to know.

  • deepblubottom


    I do think it could work. But if I am being honest if he is making it a habit, I don't think so 🥲 it may cause you more pain keeping to yourself and not confronting him about this. Especially if he is still actively doing so. He's action has to match his words. He can't keep manipulating you like that. You don't deserve that at all. I hope this helps 💕

  • LotusFlower


    Don't tell him just yet. But know and understand that You do deserve better. You focus on yourself. Don't change anything about your relationship. Write down every moment of him being deceitful and everything that he does to make you feel special. Gather your strength no matter how long it takes even if it's up until the day of your wedding. You hold on to that piece of paper and when you feel fed up, you have two choices. 1. Leave-- you make dinner reservations or a brunch date somewhere public and you put that paper in a card or give it to your waiter when you go to the bathroom you have them bring it with the check, and you kiss his cheek and give him the bill and walk out saying thank you for breaking me down so i could build myself back up or 2. Stay-- give him an alternative. Either he changes and commits back to you and the relationship that you've built together or you will show him how to cheat [you will make him think you're cheating but I don't like the tit-for-tat stuff lol] but make him understand that you will not be treated as if you're dense. You are a queen. And I know love hurts. Through things that I've been through, I know when to fight for something. It sounds like you really love him and it sounds like he has a love for you but he's trying to sew his oats and eat his cake too.

  • JingleP


    I have no stake in this as someone who hasn’t dated. But I have seen more professional people say that it is possible, however the relationship will be different now that the trust is lost, and couples therapy is pretty important. I wonder if you could find some trustworthy professionals to talk to to help you decide where to go from here. I’m sorry you have to go through this 😥

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