well got the news today my stage 1 endo has progressed to stage 4, as indicated by pics from my 2nd lap surgery on the 5th. I already have one beautiful little one who I'm very lucky to have. I ended up becoming severely preeclamptic during my pregnancy and am still being treated for HBP, so it seems like at this point another baby is not in the cards. I spoke with my dr about starting lupron & was wondering how people felt taking it. I have taken orilissa in the past but the mood swings and hot flashes were terrible. I'm basically postponing until my child is a bit older so I can have a partial or full hysterectomy. ty in advance, sending love to my fellow endo warriors 💛


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  • Sd123


    I had a lot of doctors recommend Lupron and hysterectomy but I ended up getting an expert doctor in New York (I live in California) dr masahide kanayama - Who changed my life. He’s an endometriosis specialist who only sees endo patients. I’m a PA myself so I felt like I wasn’t getting the proper care before finding him based off of what I know medically. He has a novel method of doing surgery where he excises the lesions instead of burning them and does NOT use a da Vinci robot. the risk of recurrence is so low with his method. He doesn’t use lupron and doesn’t believe hysterectomy’s do anything to help with endo. His research and methods are so impressive and his stories are incredible. He preserves fertility as his main goal but I can’t say enough about him. I saw doctors at USC, Stanford and USCD the top hospitals in California and no one could figure out that uterus was tilted at a 45 degree angle to the right of my abdomen being tethered down by endo which when he pointed it out was plain as could be on ultrasound. I can’t say enough about him. I wouldn’t let anyone else operate on me. My functional doctor in California has referred 30+ women to him who all had severe endo and are now all symptom free. I’m so grateful to have found him. I know this doesn’t answer your question directly but I hope it’s useful info 🤍

  • Seikrei


    Hello! I HIGHLY recommend joining Nancy's nook on Facebook. It is a completely information based group with highly vetted endo specialists. Not only do you get to learn all info about endo but also sister conditions as well(ex: adenomyosis)

  • 100Percent_K


    Lupron is even worse than orilissa, so if you did poorly on orilissa I definitely wouldn’t recommend lupron. See a Nancy’s nook specialist please. Lupron will not help you.

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