I was diagnosed with Chiari Type 1 Malformation and now I have to see a neurosurgeon. I'm kinda scared about what they are going to tell me. If you have had this and had to have surgery can you tell me a little bit about what happens. It would really calm my nerves to know how other people have done.

Neck Pain

Arnold-Chiari syndrome

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  • Sharee


    It will be ok I just had surgery 1 year ago and I’m doing good

  • AbbieStarr


    I had a 9mm herniation and had surgery 6 months ago. I've gotten my quality of life back for the first time in over a year!

  • Jessie14


    I went to the ER for vision problems, within 24 hours I was in emergency Brian surgery for my chiari and hydrocephalus to get a vp shunt placed. I’m doing well now and just have some minor and infrequent neck pain. The alternative was death so I’ll manage with the neck pain! I’m doing good now and have no major issues, hope that helps!!

  • KateO


    Its going to be okay you got this

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