has your doctor every just completely disregarded your symptoms due to your mental illness diagnosis?

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • Officialishness


    Yep! I have an ED and anxiety- at some point I began to have severe POTS symptoms and all the doctors including actual cardiologists, blamed it on malnutrition or anxiety. Took 3+ years to get an appointment with an EP who finally took my concerns seriously 😥

    • mtngoat


      relatable! I have SVT and it was the same experience.

  • Dorkasaurus


    Yes. Even if I don't mention my 10 disorders. "You should try to do more. Push through pain." Which I can and always do but it leaves me feeling worse for longer and takes my ability to even stay conscious. I never bring it up first in an appointment I need physical symptoms to be the sole focus, but I don't lie or avoid questions. I prepare myself for appointments it may be an issue. I sternly get the conversation back on track with a reminder that I have 14 MH professionals backing me up that my physical symptoms are not psychosomatic

  • SharkBlood23


    Yes that is why my other doctors do not know about my anxiety or ptsd. A doctor in the past tried to say my chronic pain was due to my mental illness. Took 5 years to get it off all my records. I have many health issues so it helped distract the doctor. This isn't wise but it is what I did.

  • Belugabear


    Yep! Apparently all my chronic pain is from anxiety and depression and therefore does not need to be treated 🙃 for one thing, it’s not due to mental health issues, but instead my mental health issues were caused by my pain. Secondly, even if that was the cause, why wouldn’t it still be treated??? Some doctors are honestly the worst….

  • LunaLover


    I have mild intellectual disabilities and I was having some gyne problems so I went to my OBGYN, she didn't listen to me and neither did my nurse. The only time she was somewhat helpful was because she had an intern shadowing her

  • applejac


    All of these responses have made me feel so less lonely. My doctor made me feel as if any symptoms I'm currently having with a GI disorder are just due to my medication and she completely just disregarded everything I said to her.

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