I had to stop my PPI for acid reflux & Barretts Esophagus due to no Insurance.. I've been trying Herbal Remedies such as Black Seed Oil for my symptoms and to hopefully help reverse my conditions.. Does anyone possibly know of any natural remedies i can explore that will help reverse my conditions and/or prevent or illuminate my symptoms?


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  • LaurenRomero



  • LaurenRomero


    I’m having issues just keeping food down

  • Overwhelmed


    Stay away from sweets snd caffeine as those either increase acid levels or relax the sphincter and allow food and acid to go up. Not eating for several hours prior bedtime and sleeping with upper body elevated. Those help me when I’m able to follow through as I have chronic back pain and every so often I end up eating junk food late to numb up. Also sleeping upright hurts the back more. Recently I learned that supplementing with digestive enzymes containing pepsin and I think it’s called betaine hci can help with acid reflux symptoms in people with low acid levels. I started it and it seems to help with digestion and better acid reflux symptoms. I also take a pepsid at bedtime. Good luck

  • Frayed2Fly


    I’m unaware of anything that reverses Barrett’s Esophagus. One can try to keep it from getting worse but it is what it is. I had a Nissen fundiplication done in 2001 and then a redo about 15 years later.

  • GfjB


    I take Nifedipine, a calcium channel blocker, also used for blood pressure. For me it’s like a miracle, though not a final solution, it relieves the tightness & I can eat!

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