What is it?

Laryngopharyngeal reflux occurs when stomach acid gets into the throat through the esophagus (swallowing tube).

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Signs & symptoms

Sore throat

Hoarseness of the voice

Feeling of a lump in the throat

The need to clear the throat

It may feel as if mucus is sticking in the throat, or as if postnasal drip is present

Chronic cough

Difficulty swallowing

Red, swollen, or irritated voice box.


The diagnosis is based on the patient's symptoms of irritation or swelling in the throat and the back of the voice box. Often, the diagnosis can be made without testing.

A swallowing study, an endoscope examination of the stomach and esophagus, and a pH test of the esophagus are three commonly used tests.


Follow a bland diet

It is best to eat small, frequent meals.

Weight loss is important.

Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco should be avoided.

Clear your throat as little as possible.

Take over-the-counter medications, such as antacids.

Treatment may include surgery.

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