any ideas how to deal with chronic pain from EDS?


Arthralgia, Arthropathy



Chronic Pain

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • AudaCity


    We just started gabapentin for it and it's been doing well!

  • Larkspurs


    I've always had really good luck with meloxicam for the joint pain, and I use some alternative therapies, but not a ton has worked for me medication-wise. Everyone's different though and I hope you find something that works!!

  • Adriana777


    Personally I take tizanidine (therapeutic dose muscle relaxer) every night before bed and that helps a lot. I also use support braces for my shoulders and pelvis. Hand warmers help with finger pain. I see a physical therapist that gives me exercises to keep up with in order to strengthen my muscles.

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