how do you stop caring about what people think of you?

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  • joonchoi


    practice self love. not only will you stop caring what people will think, you’ll be more confident in yourself and begin to appreciate your life as well!

  • Laellaxe


    It takes time to fully absorb new ways of thinking, so be kind to yourself. The same thing isn't going to work for everyone, but for me It helps to leave notes all over my apartment reminding me important things. By my front door I have a note that says, "What other people think of me is none of my business." The majority of the time, people are projecting their own insecurities onto other people. I will listen if someone tells me that I said or did (or didn't say or didn't do) something that upsets them. This is one of the many times when having a therapist is helpful. I do not want to genuinely harm anyone in my life. I need help knowing how to change, and even if I should change. There are absolutely people who will claim to be hurt when they are actually being manipulative. It's hard to tell what's what sometimes. At any rate, I am not responsible for anybody else's emotions, and nobody else is responsible for mine. That does not mean that it is my fault that I have been abused. That does not mean that it is NOT my fault if I were to abuse someone else. But nobody else can MAKE me feel the way I feel. If someone says "you make me angry," know that that's not true. You may or may not have said something that brings up a trigger for them. And yes, if you knowingly did this, then that would be abuse. Definitely do what you can to get therapy. There are many options now, and you deserve to be happy and healthy. Learning how to communicate with yourself and with others is a game-changer.

  • shelly334


    It's hard but u have to move on.

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