Recently my anxiety has gotten worse, I've been considering a psychiatric service dog but I grew up being told my problems weren't bad enough and I was making it all up. I don't believe I actually need one but my anxiety and stress disorders are starting to effect my life too much. I dissociate all the time I can't get my meds before I have panic attacks and my PRN med just makes me miserable. how should I approach my family and doctor?

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  • Lightswitch


    A dog can definitely be a huge help! It sounds like in particular you might need an alert dog? That can let you know when you need to get your meds asap At the least I would recommend getting an ESA, they can't go in public since they're not trained to do so but can be trained to help you ground and calm so at least will be a help in staying grounded at home

  • Mop


    Your struggles are real and the people who told you those things are wrong! I hope you can move on from that trauma some day. Pets can make a difference in so many ways. I for one cannot survive without at least one cat in my life. As long as you feel you're mentally able to care for another life or have somebody else willing to support you in that way, I say go for it.

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