Being single kinda sucking rn

People always tell me that you need to learn to be happy with yourself and love yourself before you can be with someone else. They even say it happens when you least expect it.
I get it, I totally do.
But it’s not happening?
Like, I’ve been focusing on myself for a while, improving myself focusing on certain aspects of my life and what not.
And it still ain’t happening.

People say it always happens when you least expect it. So do I just need to completely disable even the idea of me ever getting into a relationship in order to get into one or what?

My standards are simple and fair. I need to find the person both physically attractive and emotionally attractive.
When I say physically attractive I just mean, pretty? Like, a pleasant smile, on the thinner side, that sort of thing.
Emotionally attractive meaning that, you get excited about the things I do, you’ll push me to go farther, etc.

That’s all like, my standards aren’t anything crazy.

It just seems like there’s always some reason why It doesn’t happen. Whether it’s I’m at my job and I have to remain professional, or maybe their life is too busy to have a relationship or something else.

There’s just always something in the way of me and a relationship.

Totally sucks, hurts on the inside.


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  • chris_lawso2970


    Feel free to message me, man.

    • SymptomOfNostalgia02


      that’s ok, I really appreciate it though. I just needed to get it out there.

  • Brian513


    I understand completely, I'm feel the same exact way

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